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Supper Club x Botham Wines

Eating with family and friends and entertaining at home is such a big part of the Supper Club ethos, and what inspired us to create it. Not a weekend passes by when we don't want to sit around a table with our closest and eat really, really good food and share a good bottle of wine. That is why we are so proud to have worked closely with Botham Wines to find the perfect wine pairings for each of our Suppers. 


Supper club and Botham Wine


Fish Pie - All Rounder Chardonnay

Pairing wine with Fish Pie is not always as easy as it looks. There are a range of big but delicious flavours and textures from the white wine sauce, smoked salmon, herbs and the crunchy cheddar topping which all risk overpowering a delicate white wine.  Look no further than the Botham All Rounder Chardonnay for your perfect match – there is lovely depth and structure thanks to the time spent in oak and a core of bright, ripe fruit to offset the big flavours and the fresh acidity on the finish cuts through any creamy richness from the buttery mashed potatoes. This mouth-watering pairing will leave you reaching for more of the luxurious fish pie.

Lasagne al forno – All Rounder Cabernet Sauvignon

Lasagne is a joy to match with wine, it’s a versatile dish but it does require some careful planning as there are many pitfalls found in the meat and tomato ragu. We recommend choosing a full-bodied red - the flavours in Lasagne are bold so they need an equally powerful red to stand up to them. The Botham All Rounder Cabernet Sauvignon is just the ticket for this not-so-arduous task! Packed with vibrant flavours of blackberries, plums and notes of cedar with finely textured tannins, this deliciously brilliant Cab also has a lip-smacking finish that highlights the decadent béchamel sauce and melted cheese flavours. 

Macaroni & Cheese with (or without) Pancetta – Signature Malbec

Malbec was traditionally a French variety, but it has found true fame in its second home, the Mendoza Valley in Argentina where it is most definitely king. The long sunny days, cool nights keep the fruit vibrant and full of bright flavours of mulberry, plum and mocha. It’s a dream to match with so many different dishes, making light work of this luxurious Mac n Cheese – not the easiest dish as the sauce is so full of creamy, molten richness. This malbec cuts through the cheesy goodness easily offsetting the sauce perfectly and brings balance and lift to the match whether you choose your Mac n Cheese with pancetta or without.

Chicken Jalfrezi – 81 Series Shiraz, Barossa Valley

Indian food is notoriously tricky when it comes to finding wines to drink alongside. The multiple herbs and spices can overshadow delicate flavours and the tomato base of Jalfrezi brings another challenge for wine. Help is on hand with Lord Botham’s 81 Series Shiraz – with the bold and big flavours from the warmth of the Barossa Valley this is an ideal partner to the Chicken Jalfrezi and the blueberry, olive and cinnamon spice sit comfortably alongside the red peppers and tangy tomato base of this curry.

Lamb Hot Pot – ’80 Series Cabernet Sauvignon

South Australia is known for its first-class Cabernet Sauvignon and the Terra Rossa (Red Earth) found in Coonawarra is particularly famous for the elegant and perfumed violet and cassis nuanced Cabernets that are produced here. This ’80 Series Cabernet is a stunning example of why these Coonawarra Cabernets are much lauded and when eating first class Lamb there is no better companion than Cabernet Sauvignon - the notes of cedar and textured tannins and a hint of black pepper are a treat alongside this heart-warming Hot Pot. 

Cottage Pie – ’78 Series Pinot Noir

Cottage Pie is heart-warming classic and the ripeness of this Central Otago Pinot Noir is the perfect blanket to the medley of ingredients like onions and carrots in the base sauce. Pinot Noir is the holy grail for winemakers and collectors alike – it is both complex and grand. The ’78 Series Pinot has a earthy, briary core with appealing natural acidity that is spot on when pairing with a richer meat such as minced beef and exactly what this Cottage Pie needs. This is one of our favourite pairings!

Shepherd's Pie – ’81 Series Shiraz, Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley in South Australia is synonymous with Shiraz and every home needs a warming, Aussie Shiraz in the cellar for all manner of carnivore feasts. Also known as Syrah in France, Shiraz is the ultimate treat to pour with a posh Shepherds pie - the blue and red fruits on the palate, spicy hint of cloves and soft liquorice plus a touch of wood smoke on the finish is an absolute joy alongside this comforting and traditional British dish.  

Chicken Basil Alforno – ’77 Series Sauvignon Blanc

Basil and Sauvignon Blanc go hand in hand. Before you tuck in, have a sniff of the wine to see if you can pick up on the aromatic basil notes that Sauvignon often has?  Alongside notes of lemon verbena, sweet hay this very smart Sauvignon Blanc from Western Australia has a touch of basil and lemon zest. This ’77 Series is an appropriate wine for this Italian inspired recipe.

Chicken Korma – All Rounder Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio has a pink skin and there is often a pink tinge to the best examples of the wines it produces. The pinkness gives a touch of ruby grapefruit and honeysuckle blossom on the palate– see if you can spot the subtle pink flecks in this wine and enjoy how they offset the creaminess of the coconut base in the sauce. The lovely fresh finish is mouth-watering and a great partner to the luxurious and exotic notes of Korma sauce.

Chicken Tikka Masala – All Rounder Cabernet

New World Cabernet has this exceptional ability to match with all sorts of tricky dishes. Thanks to the consistent sunshine of South Australia, the fruity, spicy yoghurt-based sauce is a breeze alongside the acidity and core of ripe hedgerow fruit found in this Cabernet and the earthy, textured finish is a dream with spices such as cumin and coriander. I don’t think you’ll find a better wine to pour with England’s national dish!

Vegetable Madras & Chicken Madras – Series Malbec

Madras is typically a hotter curry and has a deep red colour thanks the amount of chilli used in the sauces. Whether you opt for the vegetarian or chicken option here, it’s all about the sauce and the heat from the chillis. This smart Malbec from the Mendoza Valley in Argentina is exactly what your palate needs to calm the fiery spice thanks to the bold core of sun-kissed berries and soft liquorice.

Three Bean Chilli – Signature Malbec

There is often a hint of cinnamon in Malbec and it is one of the classic spices used in south American cooking. The Signature Malbec has this fragrant note of cinnamon alongside blackcurrant nuances and soft tannins that gently carry the warmth of the bean chilli and pick up on the complex flavours. The lifted finish of the Malbec is a brilliant foil to the richness of the chilli leaving you reaching for more of both.

Salmon En Croûte - 76 Series Chardonnay

Salmon En Croûte needs a serious white wine to offset the oily nature of the salmon and the buttery pastry. This delicious and very grand Chardonnay from Margaret River is exactly what this dish needs. The orchard blossom, citrus and honey notes and perfect with salmon and there is a mellow hint of oak which adds depth and texture leaving a delicious, nutty note that cuts through the En Croûte and highlights the delicious salmon.


Botham wine cottage pie

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