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Recycling Supper Club Packaging

Recycling Supper Club Packaging

To ensure that our products remain frozen when they arrive at your door, we have to use quite a lot of packaging. 

We've chosen Woolcool as our packaging supplier because they use natural materials to create high performing, sustainable insulated packaging. 

Whilst our packaging might arrive with you in pristine condition, it unfortunately can't be returned back to us to reuse for another order. Because our products are for consumption, it is vital that we know that the packaging materials we use and send out to customers have been stored in a safe and hygienic environment. 

There are however some ways in which our packaging can be recycled, reused or returned as listed below:

Gel Ice Packs

Gel Packs

The Gel Ice Packs are handy to keep hold of in the freezer if you have space. The more space there is in your freezer, the harder the appliance has to work. It is harder to cool air in the freezer than already frozen items so it is good practise to minimise your energy use by keeping your freezer full.

The gel packs you keep hold of are handy to use as icepacks for any unfortunate injuries or headaches or to use when you have a summer picnic or event you have in which you want to keep your food or drinks cold. Two fit perfectly in our Supper Club cool bags to keep your lunch cold on-the-go.

If you don't have room to keep hold of them, the best way to dispose of the gel packs is to cut open the gel packs and drain the fluid into your waste disposal bin (never down the drain!), let the plastic dry out and then recycle it along with your soft plastics - if your local area does not recycle soft plastics at the curb side, lots of the main supermarkets now have plastic bag and soft plastics recycling facilities in them. 



 There is a wealth of ideas on how to reuse the fleece liners on Woolcools website here:

Here are our favourites ideas:

 1. Recycle

If you want to recycle the liners, the plastic liner that covers the wool can be recycled with your soft plastics and the wool inside can be broken up and placed in your compost bin or garden waste. 

  2. Reuse

If you're a keen gardener, pet owner or into crafts, there are plenty of ways that the wool can be reused. 

Take the wool out the plastic and use the wool sheets to cover your plants to protect from frost in the winter and slugs in the spring. They make great liners for hanging baskets or keep them in the plastic and fold them over to use them as a kneeler. They are also great for adding into a homemade bug hotel, hedgehog home, or leave some broken up bits out up high for the birds to take and add to their nests. 

Use the wool as extra insulation for your pets bed or try a new craft project - create a draft excluder, reupholster a chair seat or have a go at felting - there are some exceptional examples on Instagram under the hashtag #letsboxclever

They can even be used to insulate pipes or protect your Christmas baubles once they go back into storage! 

3. Return

 Once you have 5 fleece liners or more, you can return them to Woolcool free of charge. They will retreat and clean the wool so it is safe to use again. 

You can even use one of our boxes to send the liners back in. 

For more information and to obtain a shipping label, please visit:

 Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box
Our boxes can be recycled with your cardboard and paper household recycling. 


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